The Laser in Periodontal Therapy

Laser assisted periodontal treatment is the treatment of periodontal disease achieved by non-surgical methods. The fear of periodontal treatment disappears when patients realize that no scalpels or stitches will be used.

How does it work?
Microbial plaque and tartar that causes inflammation, gum bleeding and bone loss (periodontitis) is removed from the surface of the tooth and the root using special ultrasonic devices and special hand instruments.

Subsequently, a small amount of light energy from the laser device is directed through a tiny fiber, placed gently between the gums and teeth. This laser action removes a tiny amount of infected tissue and enhances the reduction of bacteria associated with the disease.

Once the area is thoroughly cleaned in this way, the body can heal the area naturally without any other interventions.

What are the major benefits?
The treatment of moderate and advanced forms of periodontal disease included so far beyond the initial conservative phase of the treatment and an additional surgical phase. At this stage the gums were detached with a scalpel, the teeth were cleaned and the gums were repositioned with stitches. After these procedures there was usually moderate discomfort and pain that could be easily controlled with painkillers.

With the help of the dental laser and the special therapeutic protocol the use of surgery is not necessary. With the old surgical treatment, the main goal was to stop the progression of the disease, but sacrificing in the meantime supporting tissues. With the laser assisted treatment exposure and removal of the bone are not necessary. As a result we gain a small degree of tissue regeneration.

Some procedures performed with dental lasers do not require anesthesia. Laser in dentistry minimizes bleeding because high-energy light beam strengthens blood coagulation from exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss. Bacterial infections are minimized because the high energy beam “sterilizes” the area and, finally, the damage to the surrounding tissues is minimized by the rapid healing of the wounds.

Does it hurt?
Although the procedure itself may be almost painless, the area is usually anesthetized in the initial treatment for patient comfort. Next visits to do not require anesthesia. After this procedure the discomfort, if any, is usually minimal.

How long does it take?
Depending on the severity of the patient’s periodontal disease, treatment can be done on a single or multiple visits. The time of treatment is estimated with the patients during the discussion of their treatment plan.

Does this treatment cost more than traditional gum surgery?
The charge for periodontal treatment is the same as the traditional gingival surgery. Laser assisted protocols are generally not more expensive than traditional surgical procedures. There are other factors that can affect the cost, such as the severity of the periodontal disease, and how many teeth are involved.
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