Dental Bleaching


There are two main techniques for teeth whitening. In-office whitening and at-home whitening. At Advanced Dental Center we implement a treatment protocol that combines these two techniques and has been proven to ensure the best possible and most stable results over time.

The technique involves the application to the teeth of high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (40%) for about an hour, in 2 or 3 sessions activated by the use of LASER (power bleaching).

Afterwards and for a period of two weeks, the patients will be asked to use the custom made splints at home with the whitening material that the dentist will provide them (carbamide peroxide 10% to 16%) for 4-8 hours a day.

During the treatment and for a period of one month after, you should avoid smoking and the consumption of foods and drinks with strong colorings (coffee, tea, red wine, beetroot, etc.)

When do we do teeth whitening?

When do We do Dental Bleaching?

When the teeth are dark, yellow, gray due to the following reasons:
• Congenital
• From time
• From the use of drugs such as tetracycline
• From the use of coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine
• From cigarette use

Is it a safe process?

Teeth whitening as a treatment is the simplest and most conservative procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Hundreds of clinical and research studies have been done testing the safety of the procedure in human tissues. It has been proven not to damage enamel or other tissues. Its only complication is a sensitivity in a small percentage of the population, which lasts as long as the bleaching treatment, and goes away immediately after it is over.

What does the whitening gel contain?

The whitening gel contains carbamide peroxide in concentrations of 10, 16, 20% for home whitening and 35-38% hydrogen peroxide for in-office whitening. Modern whitening formulations also contain desensitizing agents to minimize sensitivity, strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay.

How long does the white color of the teeth last after whitening?

Research data indicates that teeth whitening lasts for 1-2 years at 80 – 100% of its original state. The basic requirement is once a year to have a refresh-touch up for 2-3 days. Also, the maintenance of the result is interrelated with the patient’s habits (smoking, consumption of foods with strong pigments, oral hygiene, etc.)